Heavy body acrylics & gouache paints

What are the most important painting tools for artists? Besides brushes, we believe it’s a dedicated artist’s wet palette. For days, a wet palette helps you keep your paint fresh and constant. No dried out paint nor diluted paint. You can just focus on your art. The Redgrass artist wet palette for acrylics and gouache paints will be available soon on a Crowdfunding platform. 

For a long time, artists using heavy-body acrylics had very few options when it came to a suitable wet palette to aid them in their work. We here at Redgrass have listened carefully to what artists need, and, using our experiences and design innovations for miniature painters, have now been able to devise the best wet palette possible to meet the needs of more traditional artists

Advanced Hydration Technology

Ready to use. Unique.

 The Redgrass Studios wet palette developed for the artist community provides mould-resistant foam, at a thickness designed to retain the right amount of moisture for heavy-body acrylics or gouache paints over longer periods of time. Our ready-to-use, hydration membranes are purpose-made, and won’t break or pulp when wet. Working in harmony with our sealing system, your paints in a Redgrass wet palette will reliably retain their fresh consistency for days between your painting sessions.

Keep your paint fresh & stable

Perfect for acrylics and gouache 

Thanks to its patented hydration membrane, Redgrass artist’s wet palette works like no other! It keeps your paint at the right consistency. Not too wet nor too dry, just right. Importantly, it can do this for hours.

Studio Wet Palette

Perfectly designed. Build to last. 

 The Redgrass Artist’s Wet Palette is perfect for artists on the go. It comes in a compact and durable case, which allows artists to more easily set up and paint no matter where they are. These, coupled with the hydration membrane’s design, should make it ideal for small-canvas painters, landscape painters, and those artists who use lots of gouache.

Studio Plus Wet Palette

Paint it bigger. 

 The Redgrass Artist’s Wet Palette has been designed with efficient space usage in mind. Our Artist’s palette has been made to be the optimal size for professional artists and serious painters who need larger working areas on their palette, whilst also being easy to transport, and keep their paints between sessions fresher for longer. The Studio Plus’ larger size makes it the perfect accompaniment for painting in the studio environment, and for heavy-body acrylic painting

Premium Wet Palette

Acrylic.Gouache and more.

 The Redgrass wet palette is the first on the market specially formulated for traditional artists and their preferred paints and methods, such as gouache or heavy-body acrylics. It is designed specifically for preserving your premium paints for longer with less waste in both time and supplies.

Sealing System

Keeps your paint fresh for long.

 The Redgrass wet palette has a specially-formulated sealing lid, using patented technologies and resistant plastics, so that artists can simply seal and unseal their wet palette quickly, and still ensure an airtight and watertight seal everytime. Say goodbye to broken lids, and dried-out wet palettes!

Accessory friendly


 The Redgrass Studios Artist’s Wet Palette has a unique slide and lock system on the case that will allow the user the ability to easily and securely add multiple accessories to their palette.